Never worry Mom again. Automatically text her when you make it home safely.

Does your mom worry when you drive home?

Every time I drive home, my mom tells me to text her when I get there. I always forget and I know she worries. So I built HomeSafe to let her know when I get home automatically.

Automatically sends text

You pick the place you're heading and who gets a text when you get there. Open the app when you're leaving and hit the start button. You can set an ETA so your mom knows when she should actually start worrying.

BFFs, Boyfriends, Grandmas too

HomeSafe isn't just for your mom's peace of mind. Text your BFF when you get back from a date, or your boyfriend when you get back from the bars. Maybe Grandma worries about you driving so late. HomeSafe can give them all peace of mind.

Stop Worrying Mom

Download HomeSafe and stop worrying your mom.

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